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C5 Corvette Roof Panel

C5  Acrylic Corvette Roof  Panel 1997- 2004  



 A fantastic roof at a reasonable cost!

WAS $875 reduced to $765

If your C5 Corvette acrylic roof is cracked, scratched or broken, here's the perfect alternative to the cost of a new replacement. Original frames are inspected, cleaned and painted. New scratch-resistant acrylic panel and side weatherstrips are installed.

The Polycast SARS (Super Abrasive Resistant roofs) we sell are produced by applying a very hard  silicon polymer or polysiloxane coating to an acrylic substrate. This coating provides a the Polycast SARS sheet with a surface that has 45 times the abrasive resistance of an uncoated acrylic, making it an attractive material for applications required in the safety and optical and aesthetic qualities of acrylic along with a highly abrasive resistant surface.

Available in blue or bronze tint. Specify color when ordering. Remanufactured roof panels are available for immediate shipment and will include a $200.00 core charge. Core charge refunded upon return of rebuildable acrylic roof panel.

An additional feature of ordering your remanufactured roof panel through Corvette Roof Panels is a return shipping label is already included with the purchase of a roof panel. This guarantees that you will not pay any return freight fees (Continental US) when returning your core for a refund.


The price of this roof is $765.00  a rebuild able core or a $250.00 core charge. Return shipping  is $79.00.


COST:  Roof: $765.00, core: $250.00, shipping: $79.00 

Total: $1094.00 less refunded $250.00 core charge is $844.00 

Note: If the weatherstripping is in poor condition there is a charge of $50.00 per side.



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