Corvette Roof Panels
Selling the best for less

Corvette Roof Panels at excellent prices

Corvette Roof Panels has been selling C4 and C5 Corvette acrylic Roof Panels for  20 years. We have an excellent selection of products at reasonable prices.

If you are tired of looking for Corvette Roof Panels and want to restore the original look to your car or are replacing a damaged roof we are equipped to help you

There are many aftermarket companies out there attempting to reproduce and sell Corvette Roof Panels.  You  can be assured that GM parts were used in the construction of these roofs, the workmanship is guaranteed, roofs are  manufactured using cast acrylic which is sold coated or uncoated.

We sell Polycast SAR super abrasion resistant acrylic roofs which are  produced by applying a very hard, highly crosslinked polysilicate (a silicon polymer or polysiloxane) coating to an acrylic substrate. This coating provides Polycast SAR sheet with a surface that has 45 times the abrasion resistance of uncoated acrylic, making it an attractive material for applications requiring the safety, optical and aesthetic qualities of acrylic along with a highly abrasion-resistant surface.         

We have a good selection of new and used tops in stock and enjoy being challenged to look for those odd parts you cannot find.


Phone: 877-220-8359 or 919-883-4752

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